Wealth Building: Set a Course and Achieve Your Goals

You can struggle financially all of your life just to get by, or you can learn to look at building your wealth over time, and to put money to work for you. We can help you.

You can learn how to:

  • Harness the power of money for reasons that are right for you
  • Think positively about building your assets
  • Manage risk to maximize asset growth
  • Believe in financial self-reliance and financial responsibility
  • Focus on financial literacy as well as academic literacy
  • Learn the vocabulary of finance (your words are the most valuable tools you have!)

Services we offer to help you rethink your attitude toward building your wealth and reaching your financial goals include:

  • Personal financial education
  • Budgeting
  • Tax planning, preparation, and education
  • Real estate investment education and management
  • Investment education and principles
  • Putting QuickBooks to use for you
  • CashFlow® education - learning to adopt a "Rich Dad" mentality and how to use tools to help you on your journey to financial freedom

Join the CashFlow® Community!
Experience an evening of education and fun. Play CashFlow® 101, CashFlow® 202 or CashFlow® for Kids. Learn how to get out of the rat race and awaken your financial genius. The education program consists of a short video presentation, "Secrets of the Rich," the CashFlow® game and visiting with the other participants.

Groups are getting together throughout the Metroplex. We offer these programs free of charge, as a community service to help you increase your financial know-how.

  • Learn accounting, finance and investing basics in a way that makes learning fun (CashFlow® 101).
  • Learn advanced business and investing techniques used by professional investors (CashFlow® 202).

For more information about CashFlow® and other Rich Dad products, visit www.richdad.com.

To reserve a game night for you, your family and your friends, please contact me at keith@keithmearlcpa.com.